My Visit to T2 in London

I’d never heard of the Tea and Tea-ware shop T2, before. Not until I stumbled across it on a trip to London the other week and squealed in excitement when we passed by. In the window were pretty tea cups and saucers and ‘SALE’ signs. I had to go in for just a little look…


I was in awe. The amount of pretty things in this shop was crazy. Tea cups and saucers, milk jugs, teapots, plates, sugar bowls, spoons, tea strainers.. the list goes on and on. If I could have, I’d have brought it all home! The patterns and styles varied, including Moroccan designs I recognised from my recent holiday, but also dainty, pretty patterns and classic floral prints. This place is going to have some gems to add to my collection for the afternoon tea bridal shower next year I thought to myself.

Of course, I was particularly taken with the cups and saucers and quite a few caught my eye. I picked one out, a dainty green one, changing my mind several times on which one I would bring home before settling on it and then made another trip around the whole shop to look again at everything else.


There was a particular milk jug that I just adored the colours and patterns of, but, with it being a little more expensive than I’d usually be willing to spend, I put it back and carried on looking around the shop.

I ultimately came back for it when my other half agreed it was gorgeous and that was that. The handle is particularly pretty but it’s also a decent size which appealed to me. You can’t mock functionality when it comes to tea!

Going back to the sale section where I got my dainty green cup and saucer from, I found some plates hiding under the cups and saucers and pulled them out. Also reduced, I knew they were perfect. The pattern, colours and even the shape of the plates was glorious and so they completed my set. I was chuffed to bits with my finds.


I’d managed to get a cup and saucer reduced from £25 to £10, plates for £5 each and the milk jug at £16. It was a pretty good haul and they made great additions to my collection.

When I paid, they asked if I wanted it gift wrapping for free, so I thought why not and have it packaged nicely for the trip home. They were breakables after all. It was wrapped so pretty that I put off opening the box and putting them away at home for days when we got back!


As well as the tea-ware, I also picked up some rose bud tea, which I’ve been after for a few months now. I had it at a tearoom and loved it so much that I decided I needed it for the bridal shower also, so trying some and then buying it at T2 was very convenient.

I’ve been oggling more of their stuff online since I got home and I’ve tracked down the nearest physical shop to be in Birmingham.

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