My Tea Themed Notice Board

I wanted to create another board based around tea for our kitchen. I printed and laminated a ‘tea chart’ (which forms the focal point of this board) for my other half a while ago, which he and visitors alike have found funny, but needed an upgrade. 

So, I picked up a pin board from a supermarket and got my craft supplies out again!


I googled ‘tea memes’ and printed out a few to play around with, as well as reusing old scraps of pretty wrapping paper and designs cut out of old birthday cards. I also used some 3D cupcake stickers and gave the board a bit of a vintage vibe.


Gluing on some lace and ribbon around the outside of the board really finished it off and the pastel colour scheme, with a focus on the colour blue, made it versatile to place in the kitchen or dining room. Wherever we settled on it going up.

I’m really pleased with the outcome and think it will add a bit more character to the kitchen – where it will probably end up going. And I think visitors to the house will like it, too. These kinds of boards are easy to make – all you need is your idea and some craft supplies. They can look however you like. I like mine to look a bit eclectic, fun and quirky.

I like stocking up on pretty pieces of paper, tissue paper, card, stickers and saving cards etc. to build up a supply, ready for when I’ve got a new project in mind.

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KG Strawberry Limeade Regular


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