“Floating Flippers” – The Octavia Penguin Print Dress by Lindy Bop

This dress is so cute. In fact, it’s beyond cute. It’s cuter than cute.

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I’d been eyeing up this pretty thing for a while before purchasing it in the sale on Lindy Bop’s website at the start of June. I do love a fun print and this dress features penguins (I’ve had a huge penguin obsession in the past) floating around with balloons. The contrast of the red against the blue of the main body of the dress makes it a real eye catcher and the runched bust is sexy.

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Taken from Lindy Bop’s website:

Lindy Bop has come a long way since first starting in 2011 and is now a strong, highly-recognised brand available world-wide on most leading online selling platforms.

Our brand is about delivering exciting and unique vintage-inspired fashion, consistently producing new designs through the year. We look at what customers want and provide them with an affordable, quality product. Our online business continues to grow as an increasing number of high street and online retailers stock the Lindy Bop name; why not look out for us when you’re next in a vintage fashion store?

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Which is all very true. Lindy Bop is the most popular vintage reproduction brand in terms of popularity. Many people own a dress or two (or twenty) from them. I’ve seen the brand stocked in stores on the high street here in England; not big names but independent, quirky type shops. The prints and colours are fun and very kitsch.

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I didn’t buy this dress with a particular occasion in mind. I had more disposable income compared to past months and thought screw it, I’ll just buy it. It’s a bargain at £15 and I’ll find occasions to wear it.

Upon trying it on, oh my gosh, it fit perfect and I fell in love with it. Maybe I can just invent occasions to wear it?…


The dress is very low maintenance to look after. As it’s made from 97% polyester and 3% elastane, it dries very quickly outside or on a drying rack inside and requires no iron. It’s a smooth material with a slight stretch and although it feels a somewhat cheaper material compared to some other brands, I really can’t argue for the price and I don’t at all mind it. The material is smooth, doesn’t crease or snag and I always receive compliments when I wear Lindy bop stuff. Lindy Bop offers affordable, durable, fun clothing,

The Octavia dress has a concealed zip down the side and didn’t come with a waist belt, so i borrowed one from another Lindy Bop dress. You could wear it with a petticoat to accentuate the shape – a red one would look best in my opinion.

FullSizeRender (7)

The runched bust is great for creating that pin-up look – a curvy, hourglass type silhouette. I’m not sure what sizing would be like on a smaller bust but I’m a bit above average, being a size 10 and 34DD and I find it fits perfectly around my chest. I feel that the dress accentuates my chest without being too much.

FullSizeRender (3)

Another aspect we have to talk about is the pockets! Yes, it has pockets! I’ve noticed more and more vintage repro’ brands finally listening to our cries and putting pockets in their skirts and dresses and I’m so thankful.


It’s really easy to wear, comfortable and no trouble at all. The bust never needs readjusting. It doesn’t crease throughout the day and sits comfortably. In terms of sizing, I’m a UK size 10 in pretty much everything, so I ordered a 10 and it fits like a glove. My weight can fluctuate a bit due to health conditions I have, but there is a little wiggle room. I would say it’s true to size though. They do have an online size guide that you can use or you could drop them an email to check if you’re unsure on anything.

This dress is still available from their site and you may be able to find it on boutique sites, too. They have other prints in the Octavia style, as well.

Lindy Bop cover UK sizes 6-26 and have been established for over five years now. Their following on social media is large and they’re well established as a leading vintage reproduction clothing company, offering dresses, skirts, tops, coats and more.

Full Outfit Details:
Dress- Lindy Bop (SS2017)
Headband – Vintage handmade craft fair
Shoes – Peacocks (AW2016)
Bracelets – Claire’s Accessories, a few years ago

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