My Cup Obsession: Thrifty Finds

So… I don’t know how to say this.

OK, I’m just gonna say it.

I’m just gonna come right out with it.

OK… I have a cup and saucer obsession.

There we go. Yep. Doesn’t sound any less weird. 


I’m not sure when it began.

I always admired the pretty cups and saucers in tea shops and round friends’ houses, thinking they were so dainty and elegant. Drinking out of a pretty tea cup was so sophisticated and even made drinking tea more fun to me. Pouring it out of a teapot seem to make it taste better, even. And we had a teapot at home way before any actual tea cups.

And then, before I knew it, I’d collected seventeen teacups and saucers. Just like that. Whoops.


Well, not just like that. I’d received some as presents and bought others myself. Some I got on sale, found in discount stores or even charity shops. See, when you love collecting home-ware, namely cups, like I do, you’ve got to be thrifty about it to be able to have so many!

I have some vintage cups and saucers which are ideal for hosting afternoon teas, which I picked up at the vintage fair in March. The blue and white set was only £3.99 and the rose set was £5.99. You can hunt through vintage fairs, charity shops and second hand shops to find collections like these.



They tend to have some wear and tear which, for me, adds to the character and the fact they’re old and well-used.

The cup and saucer below, named ‘The Indian Tree’ caught my eye in an antiques shop. It’s so SO pretty and dainty. The pretty flower design and colours, along with the gold rim inside the saucer makes it so special.

It’ officially my favourite.


These ones, would you believe I found in a pound store. They’re chunkier, overall bigger and more substantial cups and saucers, which, in my experience some people prefer. The colours are lovely pastels that go with whatever else you put on the table, really.

Not that that matters too much. I love mismatched china and tea stuffs.


In the same pound store, I found the ditsy plates I used for the afternoon tea, for just 50p each. You can see one in the photo below – they have a blue decorated rim with little pink roses. I thought they were really cute and made nice additions to the collection I harbour in the cupboard (every time my fiance opens that door, there’s more).


The ones below, I bought a few myself and then received the othes for Christmas, also from a discount high street shop.


When I found them, I bought three for myself and requested four more as presents. Woohoo!


They were a bargain for £1 each and the saucers can be mixed and matched among the cups.

This cup is from a charity shop, which, like I said, is another great place to look. You’ll find varying second hand designs which can help you build a great collection.


These cute cups, also from a discount store, really appealed to me for their vintage vibes, too.


I really do have a bit of a problem. Why do I need so many, you ask? Well, I don’t. But for a girl so obsessed with anything vintage, I guess pretty little cups which create the best excuse for tea parties, are always appealing.

Aside from that, they’re elegant and dainty. They’re pretty and fascinating to me. They’re so well made and beautifully designed and they look great out on a shelf for display.

What other reasons do I need?


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