“As Free as a Bird” – The Simona Swallow Print Dress by Aida Zak

This dress was an impulse buy, from a member of a swap and sell group, selling vintage reproduction clothing. 

It looked like a similar cut and fabric to the Queen Bee British Retro Dress and I loved the swallow print, so I went for it. It was also another bargain. 


Aida Zak sell their clothing online, direct from them, but it is also stocked by sites such as Collectif, and carried in some physical stores, too.


The dress cost me £10, brand new with tags, when the RRP Seems to be £44.50. So it was a steal.



The Swallow print dress is 100% cotton and is very comfortable and easy to wear. It’s lightweight material makes it perfect for spring and summer and the full circle skirt also adds to this. It would be perfect for a BBQ or summer party.

The fabric can crease somewhat if you don’t take care when sitting down (carefully tucking it under) but there is plenty of material in the full-circle skirt to create that legendary pin-up body shape of a nipped-in waist and hourglass figure. It’s very classy and sophisticated and works with heels or flats.


I also really like the flattering sweetheart neckline.

In terms of maintenance, it can be machine washed on a cool setting and line dried or dried indoors on a rack, before needing a quick and easy iron. It has a concealed zip down the back for easy getting in and out of the dress and is somewhat easy to wear throughout the day. I say somewhat as I’ve had issues with the zip. It doesn’t stay up some days and slips down my back, unzipping itself when I’m wearing the dress! It’s been really embarrassing! I’m going to add a clasp to hopefully keep it up and together.

Although I wore it without a petticoat, it would really show off the huge skirt and look extremely pretty with one, for a more dressed-up look.

The straps are adjustable and for me, need adjusting fairly often i.e. once or twice a day, as they slip.

As you can see from the photos, I paired the dress with matching navy heels and coordinating bracelets and pushed my curled hair back with a headband. It felt very summery, which I loved, as it’s pretty drab in England right now!





In terms of sizing, I’m a comfortable UK size 10 in pretty much everything, so I got a 10 and it fits well, if not a teeny bit small, but not uncomfortably so. I would consider ordering an Aida Zak dress in future but bearing in mind the zip and strap inconveniences, I don’t think I’d pay full price.

Facebook swap and sell groups can have some real bargains!

Full Outfit Details:
Dress – Aida Zak (AW2016)
Shoes – Newlook (unknown, charity shop find)
Jewellery – All gifted to me
Headband – Primark (SS2017)

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