A Gift Idea For The Tea Lover

As a lover of vintage and all things related, I find that tea is one of those related things. It’s a somewhat sophisticated drink (obviously superior to coffee. Bleh, coffee) and was hugely popular in the era we now refer to as vintage. Especially the wartime. 


Tea defines what being British means, really. 

Now, a couple of Christmases ago, I created a tea pin-board for my best friend, who also loves tea; especially trying different flavours.


As you can see from the photos, I used brown parcel paper for the middle of the board, gluing this on, then tearing sheets of different yet coordinating, pretty tissue paper to glue on each side.

Adding a couple of tea cartoons I found in a google search, such as ‘Tea! Crisis management!’ and ‘Tea is a rather spiffing beverage’, which I knew she’d appreciate, the basis of the board was taking shape. The trickiest part was thinking up a bad, punny name for board, which eventually resulted in ‘qualitea pin board‘. Needless to say, she loved that, too.

Other ideas included ‘Tea-riffic Tea Board’ and ‘Time For a Par-tea’.


I finished the board by pinning on several different teas and then attaching labels to them with notes such as ‘for a fresh start to your day’, ‘to help you relax and unwind’ and ‘for a pick me up when you’re not feeling too well’, corresponding to the appropriate teas which had this kind of effect. If you’re not too sure what kinds of things to put on these labels, a google of the description of certain flavours should help you with ideas. At the time I made this, I honestly hadn’t tried many, so I had to seek outside help from my other half who is a tea addict. This has since changed, mind!


I then pinned little organza bags filled with extra tea bags of these flavours on the back, so she could replace the ones she’s used, by re-pinning them to the front, which was another nice little touch. It seemed to last her six months or so originally but she’s kept it up, pinning more on as she gets them.

I couldn’t wait for her to open it on Christmas morning and she was just as pleased with it as I’d hoped. It’s hanging up in her kitchen still and she replenishes the board with new tea bags often.

It was a really inexpensive gift but took a lot of creativity and thought, which always goes down well. Hand making a gift can be even more thoughtful than purchasing one, especially if it demonstrates just how well you know them.

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