Travel: My Trip To Morocco

A couple of weeks ago, I jet set off to Morocco, North Africa. 


As soon as we arrived, I was excited to go on the beach. I adore days spent having fun in the sea, swimming, diving in to waves and being generally silly.


I dug out my halter-neck bikini (from Next) and polka-dot halterneck swimming costume for the holiday and paired them with my cat eye sunglasses for a vintagey vibe on the beach.


We also explored Agadir as well as Marrakesh, which was very cultural and interesting. We wandered around bazaar’s, markets and stalls, gazing at the jewellery, home-ware, the smell of fresh fruit, herbs and spices… it was pretty magical. Fruit tasted so much more flavourful and the herbs and spices were pungent.


Marrakesh in particular was a little crazy – donkeys and motorbikes everywhere – and you could walk past the stall owners actually making their items in front of you. shoes, chairs, hats etc. it was really eye opening. And then the haggling – so much fun!

It was ridiculously hot in Marrakesh though, and, being out of the hotel resort, I wanted to respect their local customs of keeping arms and legs covered – I soon regretted this! I went for a long maxi skirt which I BAKED in and got very hot very quickly.


At night, I went out to the bars and clubs in some good old Lady V’s, which were just right for the temperature out there – hovering around 20 degrees Celsius in the evening. I took some photos as ‘mini-photoshoots’ for my blog, to kill two birds with one stone, too.

And I tried to let my acne-prone skin breathe as much as possible whilst out there, although the heat and sweating made it only get worse, unfortunately. I tended to wear makeup in the evening when going out and leaving it be in the day, but it didn’t make much difference.


Another evening, I pulled out an old prom dress (though I didn’t actually wear it to my prom) which felt very glam and I brought the same dress but in a ball gown style for another night. Both were good choices – airy! – for the warm evenings.

Unfortunately, I did come down ill whilst away which was a real shame, but I had a great holiday filled with culture, good food and sunshine.

When I got home, some goodies were waiting for me ❤


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