“I Got Chills, They’re Multiplying” – The Mainline Black Gracie Plain Capris by Collectif

These capri trousers are part of Collectif’s ‘Mainline’ range, meaning they don’t fall in their vintage style collection, but their alternative clothing section. Personally, I feel that these trousers scream 1950’s vintage pin-up and I’ve seen photos of Marilyn wearing something similar. They help create that perfect pin-up silhouette. 


I’ve wanted these capris since last summer. I buy a pair every summer, usually from New Look or George at Asda, but they’ve not been high waisted. I’d pull them up over my hips but they slide back down to my love handles within seconds. Nothing feels comfortable unless it sits at my waist. I knew I wanted high waisted ones but couldn’t find any in high street, mainstream stores.

This is what’s great about vintage reproduction clothing – although brands do follow the current trends in terms of prints and colours, just like regular high street stores, they also keep certain aspects of the vintage style year on year – high waisted being one particular aspect. With the vintage/pin-up style, clothing tends to either sit or nip in at the waist. It’s what largely defines it. So if you have a soft spot for high waisted jeans, shorts, skirts etc. then this clothing style is definitely for you.


Long gone are the days when I have to keep hoisting up my jeans!

These capris are very high waisted and sit at the slimmest part of your waist. If you have a teeny waist, kinda like me – I have an hourglass body shape, where my waist is currently 7.5 inches smaller than my bust and hips – then the capris will naturally sit there comfortably. If you don’t have an as-defined waist, then they’ll create and emphasise one for you – without being uncomfortable to wear.



The soft and stretchy 97% cotton, 3% spandex fabric is durable and washes well. These trousers have now been washed countless times and still keep their colour, smooth texture and shape.

I ordered them from another site as oppose to Collectif, as Collectif were sadly out of stock in my size, but I did plan on buying them directly from there. I paid £29.50 which I consider to be very reasonable and actually a bargain considering how much I’ve worn them already. It’s no more than you’d pay in most high street shops.



I’ve  also worn them for work with regular tops (not cropped tops), as well as when chilling with mates, relaxing around the house and on holiday. They’re perfect for summer with the cropped leg and look great with heels or flats. I feel that the cropped leg flatters and slims.

I’m a size 10 in most shops so opted for a size 10 here; a little nervous that they wouldn’t fit, but they fit perfectly and there’s plenty of stretch.


They’re pretty easy to look after, as I wash them on a cool wash, inside out to preserve the colour, and hang them to dry inside on a drying rack. They don’t require an iron. They fasten with a side zip and clasp.

The day I took these photos, I was going for a bit of a ‘Sandy from Grease’ kind of look, so paired it with a black crop top and pair of houndstooth heels, finished with some accessories.

I’m now after these capri trousers in navy and perhaps some other colours/prints, too…

Full Outfit Details:
Trousers – Collectif (SS2017)
Top – Boohoo (SS2015)
Beads – Vintage
Bangle – Secondhand
Spike Cuff – New Look, a few years ago
Shoes – New Look, years and years ago!
Sunglasses – Vintage fair
Hair Clip – Primark, a few years ago 

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