“Tea for Flutterbies” – The Beautiful White Butterfly Tea Dress by Lady V London

I currently own twenty-six Lady V London dresses, but this one always gets the most compliments. It’s beautiful, with the floral print, yes, but mainly due to the butterflies, which create a unique border. Since Lady V launched this print, I’ve seen many other vintage repro brands try to replicate it.

I like Lady V so much because they have great prints and I know what I’m buying when I purchase from them. I’m comfortable with their service and products.

Today I’m reviewing the ever-so beautiful White Butterfly Tea Dress.


Taken from Lady V’s website;

All dresses are designed in house at Lady V London. Until June 2013, all dresses had been made within the EU. We have never made our dresses outside of the EU and do not approve of making garments in China. We have travelled to China and believe the quality is not good enough for Lady Vintage. Not to mention the language barrier, work standards, poor packaging, slow delivery and their ethical treatment of workers. We have seen first-hand child workers in China, and never wish to support this kind of labour.

In June 2013 we began manufacturing Lady Vintage dresses in the heart of London as we strongly believe in supporting British Businesses and British Workers. We are proud that our dresses are made in the UK’s capital and that we are able to provide work for many people in our country and support the British economy, especially in these difficult times.

We are now able to liaise directly with the workers, and oversee quality control ourselves – which means that Lady Vintage Dresses are higher quality than ever! With your support we can keep Lady Vintage in London and help boost London’s clothing manufacturing industry.

As I’ve said before, I like that the dresses are designed and produced in the UK, which is always a plus, as we should support our British businesses, but it also means that my orders have arrived after only a couple of days.


This dress is one of, if not the most, popular Lady V dresses. It’s one of the only ones they restock frequently and is always adored by fans of the brand. It would look nice with a 23 inch petticoat, which I’ve worn with it before, but as you can see, it still sits very nicely without one. You could go for a white one or a coloured petticoat that coordinates with one the many colours in the butterflies on the dress. A yellow or blue petticoat would look particularly striking.

The dress costs £50.00 full price at the time I got it, which I can’t argue with since the quality is so worth it, but I received it as a birthday present three years ago, truth be told. It was my fourth Lady V dress at the time



I adore their tea dress style and own sooo many. They’re classy and come in various prints, working well for formal events, summer days and afternoon teas and weddings. The shape is incredibly flattering on all shapes, sizes and ages.

This dress is made from 97% cotton and 3% elastine and is very comfortable to wear. The material is thick and the dress is very well made. It requires a light iron and washes well which makes it very low maintenance.

Whenever I wear a Lady V dress, I always receive compliments.


It comes with an attached fabric belt which ties in to a bow around the back, with a concealed zip on the back, too. This looks super cute and makes the dress, for me. I find it’s not easy to tie a good bow myself so I get my other half to do it for me.

As you can see from the photos, I wore a burgundy bolero and burgundy heels with the dress to match the red butterflies in the print, but you could focus on one of the many colours within the print. Depending on how I feel, I go for blue, red or green.


I originally got this tea dress in a size 10 (I’m a size 10 in most places), but it wouldn’t comfortably do up, so I had to exchange it for a size 12, although it fits like the other size 10 Lady V dresses I have, so I think the sizing has changed since I got this three years ago, making their sizes now much more true to size. Lady V have a really handy measurement chart on their site which is accurate, so I’d suggest taking measurements and using the chart to help you decide what size to get.

This dress is still available in selected sizes on their site, but they do restock it often. It also features in other cuts and styles.

Lady V cover UK sizes 8-32, with a specific line for the fuller figure called Lady Voluptuous which focuses on styles that flatter sizes 16-32 especially. Recently, they also launched the Little Lady Vintage line for 3-12 year olds, which is adorable.

I would always recommend Lady V London.

Full Outfit Details:
Dress- Lady V (AW2015)
Tights – F&F
Shoes – Peacocks (AW2016)
Earrings – Accessorize (AW2014)
Butterfly – Etsy
Bracelets – Both gifted to me 

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