“I Hate Everything But This Dress” – The Mainline Wednesday Pencil Dress by Collectif

I had been after the Wednesday Pencil Dress from Collectif for months, before I eventually got it in the Christmas/New Year sale. I loved the other pencil dresses I had from them, but this one appealed to me for other reasons. Not only did the model online look amazing in it, but I loved the collar, the dotted mesh and sleeves. It was just so sassy. 

As already explained, I ordered this dress in the sale, meaning I got it for the bargain price of £13.65 when the original price was £39.00.  It’s now sold out, but has been restocked a few times and also comes in a skater dress version. So you could still get your hands on it. Failing that, there’s also dedicated Facebook groups set up for the reselling of Collectif clothes, so you could get your hands on it through one of those, I’m sure. I wouldn’t be surprised if they brought this dress back for next autumn/winter.






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