A Photo Shoot with Miss Emelia Prudence

Back in 2015, I was crowned Queen of November in Lady V‘s Hall of Fame competition. The competition, which runs monthly, offers a prize of £200 worth of Lady V vouchers to spend on their website. When I won before, the prize was £100 and I managed to snap up a few dresses with it, so when I was arranging to see my best friend Emilie AKA Miss Emelia Prudence, at the weekend, we decided we’d enter as a joint entry in one photo, showing off our Lady V dresses.



Now, I own way too many dresses, especially Lady V dresses. Twenty-six to be exact! And Emilie currently owns one, although she does have another I’ve bought her for my wedding, as Maid of Honour, next year. Yep, I’m decking out the bridesmaids in Lady V’s, too.



I own a lot of floral prints, as well as some fun ones like this Sweet Lips Tea Dress, but Emilie is big on anything fun, quirky, cute and unusual. Her first Lady V was definitely going to be that Isabella Cupcake dress!



Since we’ve known each other from the ripe old age of six years old, Miss Emelia Prudence and I have gone through various fashions trends together. We were nineties kids, which meant our mums put us in oversized T shirts, clashed colours and definitely gave us a block fringe at some point. We wore character T-Shirts and big trainers, pink, orange and green being popular colours.

On to our teen years and we went through the awkward spotty phase for sure, which led on to the gothic/emo kid trend. Thick, black eyeliner, dark lipsticks, the tightest skinny jeans you could find and anything with studs on was right up our street. Bonus points if your shirt had blood, skulls or other horror images on. Big boots and over accessorising was also key.


The way a lot of the teens that were into that look seem to transition as adults, is into alternative clothing. As well as the Lolita, Kawaii and punk styles of clothing, pin-up and vintage reproduction (or real vintage) is a popular choice. I notice a lot of vintage and pin-up bloggers mentioning that they were once part of the emo clique at school and I think this is due to the same use of artistic, bold makeup choices, the liking of clothes not many others wear and is non-mainstream and having a unique look overall. The same ideas of being the emo/goth kid apply, just in another form.

And whereas Emilie and I don’t have exactly the same style of clothing these days, it does often crossover. We appreciate the shape and cut of 1950’s style dresses as well as the fun, bold prints. We like bold lipstick colours and wings of liquid eyeliner. I adore dresses and heels and it’s the glamour of the golden Hollywood era that attracts me, whereas she also appreciates jeans and dungarees and almost more of a 1950’s Housewife practicality look.



We send each other links to dresses and skirts almost daily and when we plan to meet up or have an event to go to, we help each other choose a dress from our collection to wear.

So when Lady V popped up in my Facebook newsfeed with the usual call for entries for May and I was already going for a picnic in the park with Miss Emelia the next day, it was the perfect opportunity for us to have some fun taking photos.



Taking my tripod out, we would put the self timer on and then dash in front of the camera, giggling as we tried to coordinate a pose. It was great fun and we got really lucky with the weather – the sun was gorgeous and I even got burnt – oops!

The photo we have entered into this month’s Lady V Hall of Fame competition is below.


UPDATE: We ended up winning and being crowned joint Queen May! I’ve already used my prize – vouchers – and ordered a dress and petticoat for me and a dress for a friend. 

Miss Rachel Kathleen’s Full Outfit Details:
Dress – Lady V (SS2015)
Shoes – Primark (SS2017)
Headband – Handmade Vintage Market/Fair

Miss Miss Emelia Prudence’s Full Outfit Details:
Dress – Lady V (SS2015)
Shoes – New Look (SS2017)
Hairclip – Gifted 

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