Antique-Filled Hungerford!

The other weekend, I stayed with a friend who was kind enough to show me a few nearby towns, such as the beautiful Winchester and Hungerford. Of which the latter is full of antique and vintage shops.


She clearly knows me well!


So imagine my delight when we arrived in Hungerford and saw shop after shop of antiques, vintage items and even a vintage fair.


The vintage fair showcased all sorts of items, from vintage clothing to vintage reproduction clothing, jewellery, kitchenware and other house-ware. I didn’t see anything I liked though and they sadly didn’t have any clothing in my size, but I did enjoy browsing through the gems and of course… the cups and saucers (slight obsession).



We moved on to a few other vintage and antique shops, where I did end up buying a few things and got mighty close to purchasing a few other items, too.

I really wanted to buy this pretty bell, for no reason other than it was pretty. Look at those blue flowers! Cute!


I saw many teacups and saucers that I liked, although I knew that I couldn’t have them all, so I just went with one.


THIS beaaaaautiful set, with the name ‘The Indian Tree” printed on the label. I loved the pretty, dainty pattern, the colours of blue, pink and green, but also the gold rim around the edge of the inside. It’s very fine china and delicate.


I also saw the most perfect chair, in the same shop. My favourite colour is blue and I’m obsessed with floral prints, so this chair immediately drew me in. The design in typically vintagey and I begged my other half, but he was’t having any of it. I guess he’s right that it wouldn’t have fit in the car…

But it was the most perfect chair I’ve ever seen!


There were also many, many rings in various shops we went in to, which appealed to me as as we’re on the lookout for wedding bands, for our wedding next year. And a unique and unusual band would be nice.


My engagement ring is platinum, though, so finding one that was also platinum was a little difficult. But I did find one I really liked.


It has hearts all the way around but I just wasn’t 100% settled on it, so left it in the end.

I also came across these port glasses that we actually have at home! I wasn’t aware they were worth so much or classed as antiques. We took them off a friend who no longer wanted them!


You may also remember me picking up some Willow pattern cups and saucers at the fair in March, too, and since, I’ve noticed it in a lot of antique places and vintage fairs. I just love the blue and white and intricate patterns. I would have it on everything if I could.



Many of the shops looked small on the outside but were actually very large and a paradise for antique hunters. They just went on and on and on!




We loved looking among the treasures which have no doubt been with multiple families and sat in even more homes.



I loved looking at the door bells and knockers, many of which were victorian or from the 1920’s and I would definitely consider going back there if we decided to get one in the future, following our redoing of the front garden.

The letter boxes were also surprisingly fascinating to browse through.





I found a couple of fun pins I really liked (I like adding them to my cardigans), such as a Venetian gondola (my other half proposed on one, so big sentimental reason there) and a quirky pineapple.

IMG_6139(1) - Copy.JPG

Overall, I really loved the day spent in Hungerford, in the South East of England. And would recommend it to anyone who loves browsing antiques, unusual items, after an usual engagement ring or other jewellery or just looking for a relaxed day out.

The cafes and places to grab a drink were also really nice and a bit quaint.


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