How I Get Heat Damage-Free Crimps/Waves

When you follow the pin-up look and style, having curly hair is commonly part of the look. Whether you set your hair to create victory rolls, brush and curl it to pageboy perfection or go for long waves, it can all be quite damaging on the hair. Let alone if you also colour it and use products daily.

After years of experimenting with my hair, short and long, straight to tight curls and loose waves, different colours and cuts, I’ve learnt what really damages my hair. And I hate the feeling of split ends, frazzled strands and the look of dull colour, so I’ve more recently stopped using so much product, like hairspray and dry shampoo and I’ve cut back on the straighteners. I even use straighteners to curl and create waves, so it can be really damaging.

But I love wavey, curly hair! I’ve had a short bob in the past and currently have long hair with long layers, and, even though I like that sleek feeling of perfectly straight hair, I feel as if waves and curls suit me so much better, but also show off the colour of my hair. The light hits it in so many ways and creates much more three-dimensional colours. It highlights the different shades and makes it look healthier.

So, I create my curls and waves in a less damaging way, using old fashioned methods: plaiting!

I’ve included the steps for creating crimped, wavy hair below.


  1. I wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner (also adding in a hair mask is even better), brush it, and then either let it air dry (preferable) or use a hair dryer, so that’s it’s around half-dried. It still needs to be quite damp.
  2. I then rub some oil through the ends (the one I currently like is got2b Oil-licious), using 3-4 squirts for my length, but you may need more or less depending on yours. Don’t use it on the roots as this can make hair look greasy. IMG_1949(1)
  3. I then part my hair in two, before beginning to plait on either side, as close to the scalp as possible, ensuring I plait them as tightly as I can, if I want as intense waves as possible. You can experiment with doing them looser or tighter to create different looks.I secure the ends with thin hair bands. Here, I can either just tie them as shown in the first photo below, or use them to bend the straight ends back over on themselves, which is a natural way to curl the ends, too.
  4. I then generously spray the coconut oil pictured below over the plaits, and apply one spray onto my roots, spraying about 20cm away, and smooth it down with my hands, to tame flyaways. IMG_1950(1)
  5. They then need to stay in plaits until fully dried, but as long as possible, to encourage the set. It’s even better if you can sleep on them.
  6. When you’re ready to undo them, take off the ends and gently undo the plaits.IMG_1941
  7. Gently run your fingers through your hair to separate and ‘fluff’ the waves. IMG_1953(1)
  8. I then like to add two more sprays of the coconut oil to the wavey bits of hair, before running my hands through them again. This helps keep the waves looking sleek, rather than messy or bushy. IMG_1951(1)
  9. If your ends are still straight, you can use a straightener here to make them wavey too. If you used the hair bands to bend the ends back over on themselves, they should be wavey already. I prefer this method as it omits the hair straighteners altogether.

  10. And then hey presto – your hair should be good to go!

In between washes, I re-plait and repeat steps 3-9, plaiting before bed and undoing them in the morning, otherwise the waves can get flattened.



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