“China Doll” – The Dolores Toile Floral Print Top by Collectif

When Collectif released their SS2017 collection, I was enthralled to see they had included a blue and white floral print – two of my loves. 


I’ve been eyeing up Collectif’s Dolores top for about a year, oggling it in various prints, but not quite taking the plunge. However, when the Toile Floral Print was released, I bookmarked it straight away for payday! I love blue and white as a colour combination and I love floral prints. Anything that resembles a porcelain look and feel appeals to me hugely.


The Dolores top in particular appealed to me because of the runched bust, little capped sleeves, which can be worn as bandeau-like or normal, and the cute buttons. It just screams vintage and is an easy way to vintage up a more casual look of jeans and a top. So combined with the print, I adored it.

Taken from Collectif’s website:

Collectif was established in the year 2000, as a stall in one of the most exciting and unique retail destinations in the world; Camden Market. Over the past sixteen years we have grown to open four stores in and around London, plus concessions in Miss L Fire, LA and Beyond Retro, Sweden.

Today we proudly design & produce all our own clothing, which is now separated in to two lines: Collectif Vintage, inspired by the classic styles of 1940’s and 50’s and Collectif Mainline, maintaining our roots in pin-up and alternative culture. Versatility and originality pervade Collectif’s design philosophy; we combine new fashion trends with classic vintage styles, along with a good a splash of rock and roll! For us, our collections are more than fashion; they are about creating a timeless sense of romance and glamour set against an unconventional background.


This top cost me £26.00 at full price, with £5.50 in postage on top, which is the most I have ever spent on a top. I’m usually very thrifty, but I felt like this piece was going to be really popular and didn’t want to miss out on it if it sold out quickly. I can’t always assume things will go in to sale with vintage reproduction, since it’s often only made in limited quantities.

It is 97% cotton and 3% spandex, which makes it quite a stretchy material and it has a hidden zip down the left hand side, which is really clever. It makes getting it on and off really easy (considering it’s a very fitted top), yet it’s really comfortable to wear. However, I found as the day went on, the fabric creased somewhat as I sat down and stood up again.



In terms of maintenance, it can be machine washed on a cool setting and line dried or dried indoors on a rack, before needing a quick iron.

It’s pretty versatile, as it looks cute paired with jeans or a skirt, which I’ve seen many vintage and pin-up bloggers do too.



As you can see from the photos, I paired the top with coordinating blue high waited skinny jeans, blue flats and cardigan, which created a casual look for a chilled day with friends. I added a matching headband and flick of eyeliner, finished with pink lipstick and straightened hair.


In terms of sizing, I’m a comfortable UK size 10 in pretty much everything, so I ordered a 10 and it fits perfectly, showing off my curvy hourglass-type figure, yet not being uncomfortable at all. It didn’t even get uncomfortable after eating tonnes of ice cream later on…


The shape and material creates a lovely, smooth shape and compliments all figures, enhancing curves or creating them.

They do have an online size guide that you can use if you’re unsure, or you could drop them an email to ask for help. My dress arrived after just a few days of ordering it and I had no issues whatsoever with the process from start to finish. I would definitely consider ordering from Collectif again.

Collectif cover UK sizes 6-22 and have been established for a while now. Their following on social media is large and they’re well established as a leading vintage and pin-up style clothing company.

Full Outfit Details:
TopCollectif  (SS2017)
Cardigan – H&M (AW2016)
Jeans- Newlook (AW2016)
Shoes – F&F (AW2016)
Headband – Handmade Craft Fair
Jewellery – All gifted to me 

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KG Strawberry Limeade Regular


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