How I Keep Vintage Reproduction Clothes Labels

Since I was as young as I can remember, I’ve loved creating collages. The freedom to piecing together whatever you like, however you like and it still being appreciated as creative art, was fun and de-stressing. It was expressive. 

As a teenager, I used to cover my bedroom walls and ceilings, inch to inch, in photographs, doodles and notes from friends, creating one huge collage.

When I started renting flats and houses, where you often can’t attach things to the walls or leave any marks, I was forced to take a new approach. And thus, I began using notice boards!


I used them to create photo collages, for myself and friends as presents, as well as other, housey things. I created my Marilyn board about a year ago, after finding some lovely Marilyn postcards in a vintage shop, that I wanted to put to good use. It’s since taken pride of place above my dressing table and has received a few compliments.


So, since my pile of vintage reproduction clothes tags has been growing on said dressing table, I decided that I needed to have a more efficient way of keeping hold of them. And so I made a notice board.

Why do I keep them? You might ask. Well, I’m not entirely sure.

I guess you could hazard a guess at the fact that I spend so much money on the clothes, that I ought to get as much out of them as possible and so can’t bare to let go of even the tags. But that’s a bit far.

Flashback to when I was a cool teenager again, I used to keep New Look tags, Topshop tags and any other ones I collected. I have no clue why, really. To remind myself where I’d bought things? I dunno.

But what I like about vintage reproduction tags is that they tend to have nice designs to them, vintage designs even. And when I purchase from one of these companies, it isn’t a mass-produced piece of clothing, made unethically, but often limited quantity pieces, well-made and produced in the UK. As someone who wears vintage reproduction clothing, it’s also an achievement to build a wardrobe of it. It takes time and lots of pennies. So, keeping a keepsake for each company I ‘tick off’ is I guess what I am doing.

So anyway, on to how I made my notice/pin board.


I started with a notice/pin board from Asda, but you can get them for a few pounds from most stationers, hobby shops, office supply shops and IKEA. They tend to come with all you need to hang them up on the wall afterwards, too.

Then, I dug out my art supplies. I collect scrap pieces of paper, craft materials, wrapping paper scraps, ribbon, stickers, tissue paper and reuse cards. Some cards I keep for sentimental reasons, but others I stick in my craft stuff.

I started laying pieces down on the board, playing with where they’d go, before starting to fix them down with either glue or board pins. I tend to like using a mixture of both, since it creates a ‘handmade’ and more eclectic look.


Cutting bits of card out that fit the theme of clothing and fashion and looking for other scrap pieces of paper and tissue paper that fit a colour theme, it started coming together.

I found a dress applique on an old birthday card, as well as some birds and a postcard I got from Paperchase a while ago which I thought was pretty.

Until I finally finished the board, so I pinned the labels on, spaced out so that I can add more to it as and when I have them.




I’m not sure where I’m going to put it in the house yet,  but I’m quite pleased with it.

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