“Lady in Red” – The ‘Cassy’ Red Parisian Style, Polka Swing Party Dress by Lindy Bop

What a name for a dress, huh?! And what a dress it is. 


This Lindy Bop dress is great for many reasons. I bought it from a Facebook selling group since it was out of stock direct from Lindy Bop, but it was brand new with tags. Lucky me!

I already owned a skirt and another dress from Lindy Bop, so I knew quality was going to be good, but this dress was a real bargain at just £15 including postage and packaging.

Taken from Lindy Bop’s website:

Lindy Bop has come a long way since first starting in 2011 and is now a strong, highly-recognised brand available world-wide on most leading online selling platforms.

Our brand is about delivering exciting and unique vintage-inspired fashion, consistently producing new designs through the year. We look at what customers want and provide them with an affordable, quality product. Our online business continues to grow as an increasing number of high street and online retailers stock the Lindy Bop name; why not look out for us when you’re next in a vintage fashion store?

Which is all very true. Lindy Bop is THE vintage reproduction brand. I’ve seen it stocked in many stores on the high street here in England; not big names but independent, quirky shops.


I bought this dress with plans to wear it on weekends, for date nights, work, work events and more. And it has been worn for almost all of those things! It’s very versatile. I can easily dress it up or down, go glam or basic, as the dress is clearly the main focal point of the look. I love the sleeves and wish I had more dresses with them, as it makes it much more likely to be worn in the winter and day to day, but I also love the collar and big bow. The bow needs ironing after each wash to reshape it, but apart from that, the dress is very low maintenance. As it is made from 97% polyester and 3% elastane, it dries very quickly outside or on a drying rack inside and requires no iron for the most part. It’s a smooth material with a slight stretch.

The dress has a concealed zip down the back and didn’t come with a waist belt as many vintage reproduction dresses do, but I most often choose not to wear one with this dress as I feel it doesn’t need it. It naturally tapers in to the waist and then flares out subtly to give a nipped in look with an hourglass figure. You could wear it with a petticoat to accentuate this.


It’s really easy to wear, comfortable and no trouble at all. It doesn’t even crease throughout the day. In terms of sizing, I’m a comfortable UK size 10 in pretty much everything, so I ordered a 10 and it fits like a glove. My weight can fluctuate a bit due to health conditions I have, but there is a little wiggle room. I would say it’s true to size though. They do have an online size guide that you can use or you could drop them an email to check if you’re unsure on anything.



This dress is no longer in production, but they have many more gorgeous dresses, including some in a similar style, on their site. Like me, you may just be able to find it on resale groups online or in second hand shops.

Lindy Bop cover UK sizes 6-26 and have been established for over five years now. Their following on social media is large and they’re well established as a leading vintage reproduction clothing company, offering dresses, skirts, tops, coats and more.

Full Outfit Details:
Dress- Lindy Bop (AW2016)
Boots – Primark (AW2016)
Jewellery – Both gifted to me 

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