My Boohoo Skirt Haul

Mid-December, I ordered six skirts from the Boohoo sale. I hadn’t ordered from Boohoo in ages, resigned to the fact that they don’t have any clothing in the style I liked these days, but I wanted some new skirts, so thought it was worth a look.

And I was delighted to find some bargain pieces that can indeed be styled in the vintage/pin-up style. 

My favourite from the lot was this porcelain midi skirt, which is so pretty and in  one of my favourite prints. Since going to Tunisia a few years ago, I love delicate blue and white designs.

For £8, I thought this skirts print works well all year round and can be styled a few different ways.





Up next is my second favourite from the bunch, a floral print full midi skirt, with a bit more poofiness, for £7.

(Poofiness is a technical term)


With the pinks and greys in this skirt, you could style it a few ways, so I opted for a grey cardigan with pink beads (which has since broke, so I need to replace them! 😦 ) to draw out both colours.


I think it’s SUCH a pretty skirt.

And I have a new-found love for these ‘midi’ skirts that can indeed be styled pin-up style.


The black floral midi skirt was just £4. Less full and slightly shorter than the other two, but more suitable for work and goes with lots of tops I have.


Another floral print, this floral skater skirt (£6) has more pleats and again, goes with various pastel tones. I’m really liking neck scarves at the moment.

The print on this dress is gorgeous and so pretty.



Moving on to the one pencil skirt I got in the order, this mesh, metallic nude skirt is very sophisticated. Pencil skirts are a great wardrobe staple, and can be dressed up or down rather easily. Wearing my new H&M mesh top which I LOVE, I chose this skirt on a night out to add some more sass. This one was the most expensive of the bunch at £10.



And finally, definitely a summer skirt, this cute skater skirt (£3) is just the style I love in the warmer months of the year.


So, as you can see, high street stores and websites can still have some pieces that work in a pin-up and vintage style wardrobe, which can work out much cheaper than buying from vintage reproduction brands.

It’s a much less expensive way to build a wardrobe of key pin-up pieces.

Which skirt do you like most?

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  1. Hi Rachel, The Porcelain Midi skirt is georgous on you! It works great with the grey cardigan and neck scarf . I also love the cute bow in your hair. What a great price too. the skater skirt is pretty too, It has a lovely floral print. The pencil skirt is so classy and I love the top you paired it with. The summer skirt will get you a lot of compliments Rachel, My favourite though is the floral print full midi skirt, It beautiful! It looks good with cardigan and beads( sorry about beads breaking:( ) The flowers on it are so pretty and a fabulous price too! Do you plan on wearing a petticoat with this skirt? Have a great day Dear, Hugs, Terri xxx


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