Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair

A few months ago now, my best friend invited me to a Facebook event for a vintage fair in Leicester. We both share a love of pretty, vintage clothes and trinkets, so we agreed to go together. And we weren’t let down!


Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair, Winner of the ‘Best Vintage Fair’ at the last 3 national awards, was GREAT. Full of real vintage and vintage reproduction clothing, trinkets and accessories, and there was even live entertainment and a tea room.


The event organisers ran a competition on Facebook, where you had to share their event to gain an entry. The prize was free entry for four people, tea and cake for one in their tearoom and £20 worth of shopping vouchers. You might have guessed that I’m mentioning this as I won it! I was over the moon and it meant I could really treat myself and my best friend, Emilie, who was coming with me.

We both dressed for the occasion, obviously, going for spring patterns and petticoats. Numerous people complimented us on our dresses and, in amongst all the other vintage lovers, I felt right at home.

Here’s my outfit.






We started off with clothing, trawling through many rails of vintage clothes, some going back to the 1930’s, and found a bargain dress for Emilie.


I then made a beeline for the crockery, with my latest obsession for pretty cups and saucers, I thought the vintage fair would be the best place to find some.

Well, I wasn’t wrong! There were many beautiful sets, and the two below are what I picked up.

The blue and white porcelain style set of two cups and saucers was just £4.

And the floral set of three, £8.

That brings the grand total of cups and saucers in my house to thirteen, which, my other half thinks is over the top, but I beg to differ! You never know when you’re going to need them for an afternoon tea (personal favourite of mine) or the girls round for a cup of tea and natter.

I have, however, filled up all the space in the kitchen cupboards, for now…

But I could have easily bought many more sets, there were so many gorgeous patterns.

As we moved through the fair, we realised that it spanned two large rooms. It was pretty big! And they had a stand also offering vintage style hair and make up, which, had we been heading out on the town afterwards, we may have took up. The women stopping at the stall were getting very well glammed up and pin-up style.

In the second room, we found more vintage clothing, but also some reproduction clothing, which, as you know, is what I wear. There were several gorgeous skirts I wanted, but resisted, and some unique dresses. I picked up some headbands here, which I used the rest of my shopping vouchers on, and the seller also had skirts made with the same, matching material. I really wanted the flamingo skirt to match! I picked up several business cards so I can order these beauties at a later date 😉

The headbands I got are shown below.

At this point, we took a break from the hard-work shopping, and stopped for a slice of cake and cup of tea. They had a selection to choose from, including a few gluten free options (and dairy free options) which meant I could have some (yay!) and the service was great. The ladies serving were very helpful and friendly.


The cake was gorgeous!


Another friend also offered to take some photos of us both at this point.

Afterwards, we headed back in for round two, and went back through all the stalls in case we missed anything. I picked up some adorable pins, including one for Christmas which will be worn everyday throughout December, I’m sure! I actually already have plenty of pins, but I forget to wear them most days. I must make more of an effort.


For the duration of the fair, the live entertainment was Natalie Nightingale singing songs from the 1940-60s, which really created a great atmosphere. And she did a fantastic job! I wish I could sing that well so effortlessly!


We both really enjoyed the fair overall, and I think the prize I won was very generous. We came away with some real gems last weekend and we’ll definitely have to go again in future. I believe it’s an annual fair in Leicester, but they have plenty, dotted all over the country. If it’s coming near to you, it’s well worth going!

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