A Very Vintage Christmas [2016]

I hope you had a lovely Christmas filled with laughter, joy and lots of great memories. 🙂 

I thought I would share some of the gifts I received that tapped in to my interest in vintage and pin-up style things, now it’s been a couple of months and I’ve had time to use most of them.


I’ll start off with a Lady V dress that I’ve been after for a couple of years.


The Sweet lips Tea Dress first came to Lady V London’s website in 2014/15 I believe. At that time I already owned three Lady v dresses, and me being the naive person I was at the time, thought three dresses was plenty, so told myself I couldn’t buy yet another Lady V dress! No matter how much I loved it..

Well, as time passed and I collected more and more vintage style dresses, I really wished I’d bought the dress, and spent hours hunting for it in my size from other retailers. I gave up a while ago, then, out of the blue, Lady V restocked the dress in a few sizes, so my other half bought it for me for Christmas!


The dress is a gorgeous blue and looks best when worn with my Lady V petticoat, I think.



Next up, is a new beauty set out in UK shops this winter, specifically for Christmas, I believe. Along Came Betty, created by Tesco, is a beauty brand with a focus on 1950’s movie stars, in terms of packaging style, scents and products that work to give you beautiful skin, which the glamorous women of the 5o’s did indeed have.


I really love the packaging and the scents really are gorgeous. My favourite item from the set I received has got to be the peach bubble bath, which felt really luxurious and smelt gorgeous. Mind you, I do love anything peach scented!


Part of me didn’t want to use the bath fizzer as it was so cute, but I eventually did, breaking it in two to get two uses out of it. It had a berry-like scent.

The bath salts were relaxing and I got a good five or so baths out of them.

The body cream really is creamy, so I went back to Tesco in the Boxing Day sales and stocked up on loads more! I really do love the packaging and design.


I found the hand lotion to be my least favourite part of the set, as it left a kind of film on my hands, which, oddly, made them feel dry! It wasn’t very moisturising so, sadly, I ended up binning it when I got half way through! The scent was lovely, though.


The body lotion is what I now use as hand lotion, and it’s peach scented, woohoo! It’s really moisturising and goes a long way.


Moving on to other things, my best friend did really well in getting me lots of vintage and pin-up style bits and bobs, including this make-up mirror and making me a card!



How cute is this Marilyn pin?!



I’m using this as a sugar bowl at the moment and it will be perfect for my Alice in Wonderland party later on in the year!

How cute is the little teapot and cup and saucer?


I love anything Paris themed.


A fabulous writing set!

You’ll realise that I’m kind of obsessed with butterflies!



Another something my best friend made for me. I have no idea where she found all these image, but isn’t it wonderful? I could look at it for hours. All those pin-up ladies. ❤


A scarf!


Something else Marilyn themed!

If you’ve read my ‘about‘ page, then you’ll know that my interest in Marilyn is where my love for vintage and pin-up all began. I have SO much stuff around the house with her on!



I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

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  1. I love your gifts Rachel! he dress is adorable and with the petticoat looks so cute. What can I say about the along came Betty products, I love the whole packaging and the bar of soap is too cool! The little teapot and cup and saucer with book is awesome! Hugs to you Dear, Terri xxx.


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