Travel: My New Year in Venice

In my first post about travel, I’m excited to share with you my trip to Venice.

I’ve wanted to go to Venice for as long as I can remember. I must have been in my early teens when I first saw it in a film and decided it must be the most romantic city in the world.


So I was SO excited to go.

We went for the New Year, staying three nights so we could catch the annual fireworks on the Grand Canal and still have a day either side dedicated to sightseeing, too.

On the first day, we only really had time to go out in the evening, which meant a bit of a wander around the twisting backstreets in search of food.


We did go on our first water taxi though, which was eyeopening!

original_url: 24154C48-10E8-4962-AEB5-8540F5A666C7

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With it having just been Christmas and soon New Year, there were pretty lights up and it felt very magical. The streets were very empty.

We found this really cool restaurant that catered for my dietary requirements and was really lovely and welcoming.


And we went for cocktails, too, which is always a good idea! The Orgasm, the one on the left, literally was amazing. There was Bailey’s, cream and some other stuff.


The next day, we had a whole load of sightseeing planned. With temperatures only a little better than back home in the UK, I dressed pretty much the same as I would have done there. I packed a lot of cardigans and tights, as well as long midi skirts.

We ventured out to St Mark’s square, which is the central hub of Venice and where you’ll find lots of tourists and pigeons!



Luckily, I discovered when we got back home that my other half had snapped a lot of candid photos, which are perfect for my blog.  🙂



Here I am at St Mark’s Campanile, also in St Mark’s Square.

Afterwards, my other half was adamant on us going on a gondola, so that’s what we did next!

It was so romantic. As the guy took us down these quiet streets, with different coloured buildings, dipping under bridges and weaving around corners, he sang. It felt like a fairy tale.

And to my surprise, after over seven years together.. my other half proposed!

It was beautiful and we were very happy indeed. ❤ I was over the moon. He couldn’t have done it anymore perfectly or romantically.

You do have to go on a gondola if you visit Venice. It cost us 80 euros for about half an hour but was really worth it.

Afterwards, we went exploring some more whilst still on the high of being newly engaged.




Venice is such a beautiful city. It felt like we were constantly snapping pictures.


Well, we were!



My ‘favourite bridge’.


This is the small island of Burano, just a short water taxi trip out from the main island and much less touristy. The different coloured houses were so vibrant and beautiful. It was a great island to explore.




We took the water boats everywhere, which were frequent and efficient. The transport system in Venice is brilliant.

original_url: 84B408ED-751F-4830-A1A0-20C5028927DF

In the evening, we went wandering around the quiet streets in our masquerade masks (keeping in with the Venetian traditions), before heading to the fireworks along the Grand Canal. They were amazing. The display began at midnight and lasted for over twenty minutes. They were like nothing we’d ever seen before.

original_url: 774EB823-77FC-4D47-A11D-3021CC8B27FA

They were spectacular and went on for a good twenty to thirty minutes. We got a really good view and went after a few cocktails and in masquerade masks, just like the locals.

original_url: AA5AC3E4-BD7C-437D-9045-D09530BD2F65

original_url: F4670510-7B30-43BE-B824-EF9EFB77743A

Look at this dress!



Many of the streets were decorated beautifully in lights, including The Rialto Bridge.


We also popped in to a trendy bar for pizza and cocktails, still very much buzzing from getting engaged earlier that day.

This was my New Year’s outfit.



The following day, we went out to explore some more.

Including San Giorgio Maggiore.


And we loved this little spot we found, which was quiet and peaceful.




And the Lido!


original_url: C9A141BA-8BF2-49BF-A903-F8225352DCC4

original_url: 422E258C-FCAD-4F3D-9DC6-2CEFE0716771

We finished the trip the only way we know how – with more cocktails. Aperol Spritz, Venecia style!



Before heading home the next day. 😦



The trip was wonderful and we were sad to leave. We’ll definitely be going back one day. I’d recommend it if you’re after somewhere scenic, romantic and magical. Especially for New Year.


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