OOTD’s: Style Round Up December 2016

Featuring some festive outfits, here’s December’s round up!

Full Outfit Details:
Dress– Lady V London (AW2015)
Earrings – Accessorize (Christmas 2014)

Boxing Day’s outfit felt really pretty but easy to wear. I used my Lady V Eloise dress as the base then paired accessories to go with the colours on that.

I like my waist to accentuated so I used a red belt to do just that, whilst also adding a cute neck-scarf, my squirrel cardigan and pulling my hair up and out the way. I finished my hair with a cute handmade butterfly.




We’ve had a very mild Christmas here, and I suspect that’s fuelling my autumnal colour theme!

Full Outfit Details:
Cardigan– Joanie (AW2016)
Dress – Lady V London (SS2016)
Belt – Charity Shop Find
Neck-Scarf – Accessorize (AW2016)
Butterfly – Etsy


Wearing my Squirrel Nutkin Cardigan from Joanie, a cute top from Primark, a black pencil skirt from H&M, maroon tights from F&F and boots from Primark, I definitely felt autumnal. We’re well in to December now though, which makes it winter, but the weather doesn’t feel that way at all. It’s still rather mild.



The stretchy pencil skirt I’m wearing from H&M is a staple of theirs and available pretty much all year round, all the time.


Like my funky socks?

Full Outfit Details:
Top – Primark (AW2016)
Cardigan – Joanie (AW2016)
Tights– F&F (AW2016)
Skirt – H&M 

Boots– Primark (AW2016)

Today was my work Christmas meal, so it was the perfect day to debut my new Lady V London Amelia Christmas Tree dress!

Read my review on the dress here.


I wore the dress with simple black tights and burgundy heels, so as not to draw attention away from the Christmas print, but also to not complicate the look.


I also wore a red beaded bracelet and kept my hair straight as I didn’t have time to do much else with it this morning!


But I did apply my favourite, eyeliner and lipstick. And wore some wooden ‘bitten’ gingerbread man earrings that I made a couple of years ago, to take the Christmas theme further.


Full Outfit Details:
Dress – Lady V London (AW2016)
Tights – F&F
Bracelet – Claire’s Accessories (A few years ago)
Shoes – Peacocks (AW2016)
Earrings – Handmade by me
Necklace – Gifted to me

Full Outfit Details:
Dress – Lady V London (AW2016)
Bracelet – Claire’s Accessories (A few years ago)
Slippers – Gifted to me

I was running lots of errands today so threw together an outfit that was easy to dash around town in, but felt really smart.

Wearing my new skirt and scarf from Primark and a cute bow headscarf in my hair, it was simple and quick to throw together but felt classy. And all from the high street!

Full Outfit Details:
Cardigan– H&M (AW2014)
Skirt – Primark (AW2016)
Scarf – Primark (AW2016)

Headband – Primark (AW2016)
Boots – Primark (AW2016)
Tights – F&F

Very much in the festive spirit as you already know, I’m donning my candy cane cardigan again (I’m going to miss wearing this after Christmas), with a blouse and pencil skirt. The skirt is a stretchy material which makes it really comfortable to wear all day at work.

Feeling so unwell, I didn’t have the energy to really do much make up and I left my bed partly wavy after curling it yesterday.

Full outfit details:

Blouse – F&F (SS2016)
Cardigan – Primark (AW2016)
Skirt – Primark (AW2016)

Full outfit details:
Cardigan – Dorothy Perkins (AW2015)

Neck scarf – Primark (AW2016)
Headband – Primark (AW2016)
Skirt – Boohoo (SS2016)

I wore my second favourite skirt from the collection of new ones I got from Boohoo, today. I actually really love this outfit but it was really just thrown together because I felt like absolute rubbish!





These blue lace heels were only £2 and go with loads of my clothes already!


This skirt was from the same charity shop, tag still on, for £3, RRP £12. More lace!


And these dolls I didn’t buy, but I thought were beautiful and deserved a place on my blog.

Full outfit detais:
Top: Boohoo (AW2015)
Skirt: Charity shop find
Tights: F&F
Shoes: Charity shop find
Headband: Charity shop find
Necklace: Aubergine Fox

I’m just really obsessed with my Squirrel cardigan right now.


And I have some new shoes and a skirt from Primark that are so cute.


The best thing about winter is tights tights tights.

Full Outfit Details:
Top – Dorothy Perkins (AW2015)
Cardigan – Joanie (AW2016)
Tights– F&F (AW2016)
Skirt – Primark  (AW2016)

Shoes– Primark (AW2016)

Today was Save The Children‘s Christmas Jumper Day!


Which resulted in many people wearing daft (or in my case, amazing) Christmas jumpers in aid of raising money for a very important charity. Save The Children promotes children’s rights, provides relief and helps support children in developing countries.



My jumper is from a shop on Etsy and has a quote from the film Elf on it.

I accessorised with some Christmasy red breads, amazing Christmas bow earrings from Accessorize and a slick of winged eyeliner and matching purple lipstick.

And of course, made full use of the available Snapchat filters.

Full Outfit Details:
Jumper– Etsy (last Christmas)
Beads – So old, I can’t remember!
Earrings – Accessorize (Christmas 2014)

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