2006 Me VS 2016 Me

#2006vs2016 has been a popular hashtag this month, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon.

In 2006 I was 13, which obviously makes me 23 now.

Here we go..2a8647c9-4000-497e-aef6-b8d6c3815bf0

2006 me on the left, 2016 me on the right. 

Ah, the emo days. How many of us of who were teens in the mid-noughties were part of the emo-phase?! The tightest black skinny jeans, stars on everything, black eyeliner and, if your mum would let you, died black, orange or red hair which was massively back combed. I eventually opted for a huge emo fringe and a short bob haircut when I got to about 15.

From age 17 to now, I’ve slowly became more obsessed with the vintage style and left the all-black outfits (with a little dash of more black) behind.

I LOVED the emo style and music (heck, I still listen to the music at times) but I’m looking just a tad more sophisticated these days..

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