“Crazy Cat Lady” – The Retro Cat Print Tea Dress by Lady V London

This is my 23rd Lady V dress.. Yep. Addicted. I’m genuinely wondering if they have a fan as dedicated as me. I just adore their prints, the style of the  1950’s tea dress in particular and the customer service is always perfect. The dresses wash well (on a cool wash) and require minimal maintenance, so they’re my favourite. Whenever I wear a Lady V dress, I always receive compliments.

Today I’m reviewing the Retro Cat Print Tea Dress which I got back in October as a gift.


Most of my Lady V dresses so far have been bought in the sales – they do brilliant sales especially around now, so keep your eyes peeled! – but this one was gifted to me. I love navy and I love quirky, unusual prints, so the combination of the cute retro-looking cats and the navy blue colour on the tea dress style (which I already have in fourteen other Lady V dresses), instantly attracted me to it. It also looked more like a casual dress to me, which is a plus because let’s face it, we have more casual dress days than dress-up days!

Taken from Lady V’s website;

All dresses are designed in house at Lady V London. Until June 2013, all dresses had been made within the EU. We have never made our dresses outside of the EU and do not approve of making garments in China. We have travelled to China and believe the quality is not good enough for Lady Vintage. Not to mention the language barrier, work standards, poor packaging, slow delivery and their ethical treatment of workers. We have seen first-hand child workers in China, and never wish to support this kind of labour.

In June 2013 we began manufacturing Lady Vintage dresses in the heart of London as we strongly believe in supporting British Businesses and British Workers. We are proud that our dresses are made in the UK’s capital and that we are able to provide work for many people in our country and support the British economy, especially in these difficult times.

We are now able to liaise directly with the workers, and oversee quality control ourselves – which means that Lady Vintage Dresses are higher quality than ever! With your support we can keep Lady Vintage in London and help boost London’s clothing manufacturing industry.

I like that the dresses are designed and produced in the UK, which is always a plus, as we should support our British businesses, but it also means that my orders have arrived after only a couple of days.



This dress costs £50.00 full price, which I can’t argue with since the quality is so worth it, although I was given this dress as a present from friends. This dress is made from 95% polyester and 5% elastine and is very comfortable to wear, formally or casually. The material is a smooth, stretchy type and feels lovely to wear. It also dries very quickly on the line or indoor drying rack and doesn’t need an iron! Bonus points!

It comes with an attached fabric belt which ties in to a bow around the back. This looks super cute and makes the dress, for me. I find it’s not easy to tie a good bow myself so I get my other half to do it for me.


The tea dress style means it has a high neck front and V neck back, which looks very cute and elegant. The flared skirt can be made even fuller by wearing a twenty-three inch petticoat underneath, which I have but chose not to wear here as I was going for a casual look. But it does look girlier and more vintage with one.


As you can see from the photos, I wore black tights and boots with the dress as it’s November, so cold and wet here!  As I love the pink and blue colour combination presented on the dress print, I added some silver-blue beads to draw out the blue and pink earrings and lipstick. I then curled my hair, using lots and lots of hairspray and added a blue and pink flower headband to finish it off. I love this colour combination.

I bought this dress in a UK size 10 because I am generally a size 10, and it fits perfectly. There’s just enough room around the waist to overeat and enjoy myself, without it looking unflattering (which, let’s face it, is very important). I have size 12 Lady V’s too which I bought when I was two stone heavier, that still fit well as I find the waist can be so easily adjusted, using the tie-belt. Lady V have a really handy measurement chart on their site which is accurate, so I’d suggest taking measurements and using the chart to help you decide what size to get. I’d say Lady V tend to run true to size.

This print comes in various other dress styles and colours now, all available online.

Lady V cover UK sizes 8-32, with a specific line for the fuller figure called Lady Voluptuous which focuses on styles that flatter sizes 16-32 especially. Recently, they also launched the Little Lady Vintage line for 3-12 year olds, which is adorable.

I would always recommend Lady V London.

Full Outfit Details:

Dress- Lady V (AW2016)
Tights – F&F
Boots – Primark (AW2016)
Bead Necklace – So long ago, I can’t remember!
Headband – Gifted to me 

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