OOTD’s: Style Round Up November 2016

My first monthly outfit round up.


I love anything with lace on, especially black lace, so I adore this cardigan. I also like sweetheart necklines, so I have this top in raisin and burnt orange.


Full Outfit Details:
Cardigan – H&M (AW2014)
Top – Dorothy Perkins (AW2015)

Pencil Skirt – H&M (AW2014)
Tights – F&F
Shoes – Newlook (AW2009)
Bracelets – Primark 
Rings and necklace – gifted to me 

Wearing my lace cardigan again, just like yesterday, I also wore a pencil skirt again but paired it with a white butterfly blouse and white vest top underneath. I’m a bit obsessive with butterflies and have loads of things with them on!

Full Outfit Details:
Cardigan – H&M (AW2014)
Top – F&F (SS2016)

Pencil Skirt – H&M (AW2014)
Tights – F&F


Covered in cute little candy canes which make love hearts, it’s adorable.


And a steal at only £8 from Primark.


Full Outfit Details:
Top – Dorothy Perkins (AW2015)
Cardigan – Primark (AW2016)

My outfit for work today is made up of old and new pieces from my wardrobe. 


The top is new and from Primark and the skirt is a few years old now and just from a market stall.


I’ve left make-up quite simple, with a slick of eyeliner to match the monochrome colour scheme.


I absolutely love this style of skirt and desperately need to invest in some more. I’d like a few plain coloured ones such as a black one and blue one.


And I left my hair natural today, which meant it was really fluffy..


With the first frost arriving, I’ve also bought my annual stock up on tights, which I buy from F&F since they’re the only ones that are long enough without being too baggy. I find as a 5 ft 7 UK Size 10, finding tights that sit around my waist without being too baggy, yet still opaque can be tricky.


Looking forward to tights season!


In the evening, I dressed it up with a change of make up for a meal out.

Full Outfit Details:
Top –  Primark (AW2016)
Skirt – Unknown
Tights – F&F

Boots – Primark (AW2016)


I felt really stylish on Saturday and received lots of compliments on my outfit. It had a bit of a Parisienne feel to it and was really comfy. I love high-waisted jeans! I’ve been eyeing up some from Collectif for ages but opted for some from New Look because I’ve bought them from New Look before and really like the fit and feel. I got one blue and one black pair, at £24.99 each.





Seeing as it’s December, I did also have a cardigan, in the spirit of the best time of year.


And when I went for food with friends, I matched the decor!


Full Outfit Details:
Top – Primark (AW2016)
Cardigan – Primark (AW2016)
Jeans – New Look (AW2016)

Shoes – Peacocks (AW2016)
Headband, Bracelet and Beaded Necklace – So old I can’t remember!


I had lots to do today so this is a ‘got lots to do’ outfit.


The earrings I’m wearing, I made myself a few years ago as I enjoy making jewellery and accessories.


And I debuted my new high waisted blue jeans from New Look, too, which are so comfy and the material feels sooo nice. They’re really soft! Ignore the mess, we’re currently redoing the bedroom furniture so it’s all a bit hectic!

The Christmas cardigan is also out again..


Full Outfit Details:
Top – eBay last year
Cardigan – Primark (AW2016)
Jeans – New Look (AW2016)

Headband – Primark (AW2016)
Headband, Bracelet and Beaded Necklace – So old I can’t remember!

I’m loving my new purple lipstick and found the perfect background for an Instagram pic. I can’t wait for my fringe to grow out as it’s really annoying me, which is why I keep curling it away from my face. I’ve decided I also need more skirts like the one I wore today.

Full Outfit Details:
Jacket–  Primark (AW2014)
Skirt – Unknown
Tights – F&F

Boots – Primark (AW2016)

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