My 23rd Birthday

I’ve been really spoilt on my 23rd birthday, with breakfast in bed, afternoon tea for lunch and then meal out for dinner and drinks. I thought I’d share some presents and photos with you, that are appropriate for the theme of my blog!

The blouse shown above in particular, demonstrates how well people know me! The lace is lovely and it has a real 1950’s feel to it.

I also received some lovely cards, all of which I’m going to stick up in my home office, that also convey my love of vintage themed things and tea parties/afternoon tea! The Betty Boop card, complete with her in houndstooth clothing is a really good choice, because I love Betty Boop but also anything with houndstooth print on.. I actually wish I had her boots and jacket in that cartoon drawing. Not fair.


And now we move on to the present that took my breath away. Marilyn collector photo cards which are simply adorable.



My best friend gave me these and each card has a photo/image on one side and information often related to said image on the other. Not all cards seem to be historically accurate, asI noticed some of the facts were wrong, but I love them all the same. I’m a sucker for anything Marilyn.

To help me on my way further in dress hoarding, my other half bought me a Lady V dress that I’d had my eye on for a while, the White Blossom Floral Tea Dress (I’ll write a separate review for it). This takes me to 21 Lady V dresses! Yes, yes, I know. Slightly obsessed. But they’re so pretty!

I’ve decided to finish this post with some gorgeous photos of the afternoon tea. Try not to be too jealous..


Sorry, did I forget to mention it was a sparkling afternoon tea?!


The china they gave us was so beautiful. I wanted to bring it home! I’m going to start my own collection of vintage/vintage style tea cups and saucers etc. so that one day I can throw my own vintage themed tea party.


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